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Notes on Version Numbering


Notes on Version Numbering

For a while, the only changelog for Gargoyle was the revision log in the SVN repository. However, as of v1.0.12, a change log is being provided with each new release. Below is a complete changelog, including versions for which a changelog was not initially provided, reconstructed from the revision log in the SVN repository.

Between v1.0.0 Beta4 and v1.0.0 Final, “bleeding edge” releases were provided, so users could easily try the latest code, even though a new major version had not been released. However, the lack of version numbers to differentiate the bleeding edge firmware caused some problems. So, after v1.0.0 it was announced that the 1.X.0 releases would be major, stable releases while 1.X.Y, where Y is nonzero would be equivalent to the less stable bleeding edge firmware.

However, this system caused problems as well since this is not a typical version numbering scheme and everyone automatically upgraded to the latest version. When significant experimental changes were introduced in version 1.0.5 (in particular a new implementation of the bandwidth monitor) most people went ahead and upgraded, and ran into problems. The problems were rapidly identified and fixed, but larger experimental changes such as this should not be introduced into what everyone considers the latest stable version.

Therefore, this numbering scheme has changed yet again. No more large, experimental changes will be introduced into the 1.0.X releases. 1.0.X will be considered stable. A new branch, 1.1.X has been created and should be considered experimental. All large changes will be introduced into this branch. More generally, Gargoyle will adopt a version system where 1.Y.X releases are stable if Y is even, and experimental if Y is odd. (So 1.0.X, 1.2.X, 1.4.X etc. will be stable while 1.1.X, 1.3.X, 1.5.X etc. will be experimental.)

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