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Gargoyle 1.4.x Series


v1.4.7 (Mar 01, 2012)

  • Bumps OpenWrt version to latest Backfire version for latest wireless fixes and support of multiple switch models in Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH routers
  • Fixes monitoring of web history/searches for ranges of IPs
  • Fixes security issue – bandwidth.csv is no longer visible if not logged in
  • Enable ps wide output in busybox – allows more accurate listing of running processes when logged in via SSH

v1.4.6 (Feb 03, 2012)

  • More wireless fixes, bump OpenWrt to latest Backfire version
  • Fix bug causing USB Storage plugin to handle ext3 and ext2 drives incorrectly
  • Add dynamic dns service
  • Update theme by Matei to latest version

v1.4.5 (Dec 27, 2011)

  • Fixes error in updating domains via dynamic DNS
  • Some improvements in looking up host IP for dynamic DNS – rotating pool of servers for lookups is now used
  • Bumps OpenWrt Backfire version to 10.03.1 final
  • Time initialized to be Jan 1st, 2001 instead of 1970 before NTP started, so timezone shift never puts it before unix epoch
  • QoS accounting improved for PPPoE connections which will improve overall QoS performance on these systems.

v1.4.4 (Dec 05, 2011)

  • Increments OpenWrt Backfire version to include latest wireless driver fixes
  • Fixes bug causing dyanmic DNS daemon not to update properly
  • Fixes bug preventing dynamic DNS updates on some platforms
  • Revert to simpler OpenDNS configuration settings, should be less confusing and should work now
  • Set as default dynamic DNS host (top of list)
  • Add images for Netgear WNDR3800, TP-Link WR740N and MR3420

v1.4.3 (Oct 25, 2011)

  • Fixes Wired-Dhcp mode on single port router such as Gargoyle Pocket Router (MR3201A)
  • Fixes dynamic DNS configuration and adds dynamic DNS configuration (thanks to Thomas Markussen)
  • Fixes “Monitor Only” option in web usage monitor
  • Fixes bug that can cause a crash when restarting web usage monitor
  • Add Poland to UTC+1 timezone list
  • Update httpd_gargoyle to do a better job of preventing page caching
  • Rename field for labeling port forwarding rules from “Application” to “Description”, allowing longer descriptions than 10 characters
  • Fixes erroneous display of errors in httpd_gargoyle startup
  • Increments OpenWrt Backfire version to include latest wireless driver fixes

v1.4.2 (Sep 26, 2011)

  • Fixes problem with saving QoS settings
  • Newer OpenWrt Backfire revision, with new fixes for ath9k/ar71xx, broadcom
  • Memory display in Status/Overview no longer includes buffers/cache, making output better reflect what is truly used (Thanks to Piotr Karbowski)

Various minor performance improvements (Again, thanks to Piotr Karbowski)

  • Fixes bug that can cause upgrade screen not to refresh when upgrade complete
  • Fixes security issue with backing up settings that allowed users on local network to access (but not change) router settings and bandwidth data without logging in

v1.4.1 (Aug 29, 2011)

  • Fixes bug a bug that can cause odd behavior in bandwidth monitor/quotas under some circumstances
  • Fixes bug preventing SSIDs with single quotes in them from working (Thanks to Tomasz Fornal)
  • Fixes bug causing ddns updater to leave connections in CLOSE_WAIT status (thanks to forum user mackoj for this fix)
  • Two new themes available as packages: “Dark One” and “Xeye”

v1.4.0 (Aug 14, 2011)

  • Add higher frequency 5GHz channels valid for 40MHz channel width
  • Fixes bug when setting channel width for single band routers
  • Fixes bug preventing passwords > 35 characters from working
  • Fixes access restriction bug causing rules that apply to multiple hosts from being applied to all hosts
  • Gargoyle package repository is added to opkg.conf by default
  • Add theme manager that can be used to pick theme if more than one theme is installed (by default only one theme is installed and this is not active) Thanks go to Cezary for contributing this feature.
  • Now based on newer revision of OpenWrt Backfire above 10.3.1-rc5. This should fix issues with some wireless drivers and WRT160NL support.
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