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Fon Flash - Windows


Fon Flash is currently one of the easiest method for installing Gargoyle firmware on compatible routers (Atheros AR231X/531X but not including Ubiquiti routers).


On Windows you will need to first install WinPcap. Vista users may also need to install MSVC++. I am currently working to recompile Fon Flash for Vista, to eliminate this latter dependency, but for now this is necessary for Vista Users.


Download “Fon Flash” from here

Run Fon Flash

Once downloaded double click “fon-flash-gui.exe”

Note: Vista users will need to run as administrator.

Enter Details

Select Firmware Type

For Gargoyle select “openWRT/Gargoyle”

Select Network Interface

Select the network interface card which is plugged into your gargoyle router

Select Rootfs file


Select Kernel file


Routers like Meraki Mini require


Full Flashing Procedure

  • Install WinPcap (only necessary for windows)
  • Connect the ethernet cable from the AP51 router (ROBIN) to your computer
    • May require a cross over cable or hub/switch with older equipment
  • Power off AP51 router (unplug)
  • Start FonFlash
  • Select Firmware Type
    • Gargoyle/OpenWrt/ROBIN
    • Fonera Firmware
    • DD-WRT
  • Select the ethernet device you are using
  • Select the Gargoyle/ROBIN .squashfs file as the root file
  • Select the Gargoyle/ROBIN .lzma file as the kernel file
  • Hit the Start button
  • Wait 5 seconds
  • Power on the AP51 router
  • Wait 10 minutes - 30 minutes, until FonFlash reports that the router has been flashed
  • Wait another 2-3 minutes while the router reboots
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