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Gargoyle 1.12.x Series


  • 1.12.0 openwrt-18.06 18.06.5 5e4533c

v1.12.0 (Tue Dec 03, 2019)

New in 1.12.0:

  • External Plugin Root bug fixes (blocks the use of inappropriately formatted drives)
  • OpenVPN updated to latest with new ciphers
  • OpenVPN bug fixes (subnet routes for clients sometimes missing)
  • Restrictions/Whitelist bug fixes (specifying ip ranges now works as intended)
  • Webcam Plugin fixed
  • Fix setting custom MAC address on WAN for some devices (typically Archers)
  • Web Monitoring bug fix (no longer auto enables every sysupgrade)
  • QoS bug fixes (no longer auto enables every sysupgrade)
  • Fix guest networking on mvebu devices with 88W8964 chips (guest network was not routing packets)
  • Fix restrictions/quotas sometimes not adhering to DST
  • Fix IMQ crashes in Kernel 4.14 leading to loss of NAT/connectivity
  • New DDNS providers (,
  • Switch all add/edit GUI windows to modals rather than separate windows (much friendlier for mobile users)
  • New Plugin: Gargoyle STA Manager. Allows the user to specify multiple upstream wifi networks and connect to them in a specified priority, also ensuring that signal strength is maintained at highest possible levels. This also comes with the added benefit of automatically re-enabling the AP interface in the event that the STA can't connect, so you can still connect to Gargoyle
  • Timezone change: Users who were previously using “Central Time” (CST 6 w/ DST) may find that they are now set to Canada (Saskatchewan) time (CST 6 all year). The new Central Time can be selected from the menu
  • OpenWrt to 18.06.2 → 18.06.5 (Kernel 4.9.156 → 4.9.198, 4.14.99 →4.14.151)
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