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Gargoyle 1.11.x Series


  • 1.11.0 openwrt-18.06 18.06.2 62feabe

v1.11.0 (Sat Feb 21, 2019)

Version 1.11.0 marks a long overdue new experimental version based on OpenWRT 18.06.2.

This version includes several critical security fixes, so upgrading to 1.11.0 is strongly recommended, despite its experimental tag.

New in 1.11.0:

  • Update to Openwrt 18.06 branch (Kernels 4.14.99 and 4.9.156)
  • Add x86 profile
  • Fixes to Samba network sharing
  • Fixes to Tor (server config)
  • Timezone changes (add Iran, rearrange Brazil, realign Turkey, fix regional server pools not updating)
  • Fix button handlers for Archer series routers
  • Add Quad9 DNS
  • Fix Connection → Basic page for devices with no wireless capabilities
  • Add custom month bandwidth monitor (for aligning to ISP billing date)
  • Fixes to restrictions module (not working on a single IP and not whitelisting URLs)
  • Rework of OpenVPN config handling (certificates can now be permanently revoked. Disabled certificates will not be able to be connected with, but can be reinstated). Also add ability to generate single .ovpn file as config. Add new config options to assist mobile devices. Default cipher updated to more secure version
  • New QoS default ruleset as per forum input
  • QOSMON v2.3 with improved handling of dropped pings, smoother control algorithm and more user information displayed. Button added to reset the Fair Link Limit back to initial values
  • Fixes to custom MAC Address setting not sticking
  • Various GUI updates and cleanups
  • Update DDNS Cloudflare configuration to handle new upstream API (you need to install a Gargoyle plugin to enable this now)
  • Add HTTPS sniffing capabilities to Web URL Monitor and Restrictions sections
  • New Theme “Flat Blue”
  • Layer7 functionality disabled throughout firmware (it may return later…)
  • Add GeoIP wifi country setting to GUI (with very specific conditions. You may only set this setting ONCE, and some users may never see this option if they do not meet certain regulatory requirements)
  • Changes to Connected Hosts page (shows guests and upstream client connections separately)
  • Allow filtering of Connection List page
  • Translation updates for many languages
  • Major effort to reduce firmware size to maintain smaller device compatibility (sorry, 4MB devices are not salvageable!)
  • Fix WOL list being filled with unreachable entries
  • Fixed email plugin not working
  • Changed startup order of minidlna and usb_storage to try to prevent minidlna not finding external media directories
  • Separate usb-storage into 2 plugins. The “noshare” variant does not include SMB/CIFS/NFS/FTP support. To regain these, install plugin-gargoyle-usb-storage-full
  • Separate DDNS into a plugin
  • Separate QoS into a plugin. This also removes the ability to “throttle” quotas, leaving only the option to fully block devices once reaching the quota. This functionality can be restored by installing plugin-gargoyle-qos
  • Separate WOL into a plugin
  • Separate UPnP support into a plugin
  • Merge Alix target with new x86 target as a subprofile
  • Update to latest mt76 and mwlwifi drivers
  • Switch to a single SSL library to reduce firmware size
  • Support for many new devices
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