The family photos are all over the place on cameras, phones, hard drives etc. It would be great to have the family photos available to everybody in one place (read only) but make it easy to add or maintain the collection.


Create a single place on the LAN for photos but protect them from accidental deletion.


Gargoyle router with spare USB port

Hopefully your router has a spare USB port.

If not then check out the Router hardware guide for a suitable router.

USB Hard disk drive

Small portable USB hard drives (or a large USB Flash drive) are readily available.

Format the USB drive with a single large partition.

Create a directory called photos

Backup Hard Drive

The USB hard drive should be plugged into the Router's USB port.

Gargoyle - System - USB Storage
Shared Disks
☐ Allow Access to FTP From WAN :!: unwise :!:
CIFS / FTP Users: Mum
Share Name:
Settings Apply to:
Share Type(s):
CIFS/FTP Anonymous Access:
CIFS/FTP Users With Access:
Only This Specific Drive
Read Only
Mum Read/Write

Access Photos


File Manager - File - Connect to Server...
Connect to Server
Server Address
Username anonymous
Connect to Server
Server Address
Username Mum


FIXME Can anybody remember how to do this?

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