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Gargoyle 1.3.x Series


v1.3.16 (Jun 27, 2011)

  • When 40MHz channel width is selected, channels are limited to those that work with wider channel width (Thanks to Cezary for this contribution!)
  • Max transmit power is now determined dynamically for mac80211 wireless interfaces, and may be dependent on channel selected
  • Separate controls for transmit power in 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands in dual band routers
  • Fixes bandwidth monitor display bug for 30 day time point that can occur when router is first flashed

v1.3.15 (Jun 19, 2011)

  • Fixes connected host display
  • Some fixes for QoS display (upload display should now work)
  • Some fixes for connection display
  • Fixes issues with TP-Link 741ND introduced in 1.3.14 (due to a bug in underlying OpenWrt code)

v1.3.14 (May 09, 2011)

  • Fix display of bandwidth monitor page in chrome
  • Fixes for UPNP
  • Fixed port forwarding when DMZ active
  • Fix for mounting USB drives, when unmountable partitions exist on the same drive
  • Added option to USB storage (on supported models) to specify whether to share only specific drive, or any attached drive
  • Fixes for setting static routes that apply to any destination IP, and setting default route
  • Reset and reboot buttons now work on D-link DIR-825b and Buffalo WZR HP-G300NH

v1.3.13 (Mar 31, 2011)

  • More bandwidth module fixes, should further increase stability
  • On dual band routers, wireless hosts connected to 5GHz SSID now show up in the wireless section of Connected Hosts
  • Bumps underlying OpenWrt Backfire version, allowing WNDR3700v2 support
  • Fixes support for TP-Link WR-941NDv3 and other routers that use the same switch configuration
  • Fixes bug causing incorrect display of DHCP Lease Expiration times in Connection/Basic section

v1.3.12 (Mar 16, 2011)

  • Fixes router rebooting bug introduced in 1.3.11

v1.3.11 (Feb 28, 2011)

  • Implement custom SSID for 5Ghz band in dual band routers (instead of just appending _5Ghz to 2.4 Ghz SSID)
  • WAN speed improvements (due to optimization of bandwidth module, max speed of 107Mbit/s measured on a TP-Link TL-WR1043ND)
  • Fixes bug in bandwidth module that may be responsible for zeroing of last time point (due to extremely intermittent nature of original issue this isn't a 100% certain fix for the problem)
  • Removes all openwrt rdate functionality so that NTP client isn't competing with rdate for setting correct time
  • Fixes upgrade functionality in broadcom routers (broken in 1.3.10)
  • Fixes bug in display of DHCP lease expiration time

v1.3.10 (Feb 09, 2011)

  • Migrate from brcm-2.4 to brcm47xx target (with 2.6 kernel) for broadcom routers (e.g WRT54GL)
  • Implement support for dual band routers in AP mode (e.g. D-Link WNDR3700 and D-Link DIR825 b1)
  • Fixes bug preventing quota rules and restrictions from not being applied properly without a reboot
  • Fixes wake-on-lan issues and moves WoL functionality to a new, separate section
  • Fixes initialization of WAN if on alix boards
  • Improved default QoS rules
  • Implements wireless signal strength indicator of each wireless

v1.3.9 (Dec 29, 2010)

  • Wake on Lan (WoL) Functionality in Connection/DHCP section for hosts with static IPs (thanks to artekw)
  • Reset button now works to restore defaults on TP-link routers and WRT160NL if pressed for at least 3 seconds
  • QSS button on TP-Link routers, and arrow button on WRT160NL now functions as reboot button if pressed for at least 3 seconds
  • Option in System/Access limits number of remote SSH login attempts in a 5 minute period to prevent brute force password attacks
  • Fixes several issues with PPPoE, in particular with bandwidth monitor functionality on AR71XX routers by eliminating race conditions
  • Fixes wireless N with 40Mhz channel-width when using highest wireless channel (by setting HT40- instead of HT40+)

v1.3.8 (Nov 23, 2010)

  • Fixes problem causing quotas/bandwidth monitor to crash on some ar71xx routers
  • Multiple fixes for USB storage functionality including NTFS support
  • Multiple QoS fixes
  • Support for https should now work properly
  • Display number of current connections in overview page

v1.3.7 (Nov 04, 2010)

  • For routers with USB ports, mountd daemon is no longer necessary, which solves a bug causing 100% CPU use and a sluggish router.
  • Mounting of USB drives immediately after insertion is now more reliable

v1.3.6 (Nov 02, 2010)

  • USB storage drive sharing support via CIFS and/or NFS for some AR71XX routers including WRT160NL, TL-WR1043ND and Routerstation Pro.
  • B/G/N operation mode, and channel width controls now implemented for routers with ath9k wireless chips
  • Numerous bug-fixes for AR71XX routers
  • Improved, lower memory operation of QoS, and active congestion control
  • Bandwidth settings saved via browser cookies instead of to the router's flash drive, so different configurations are possible on different systems (Thanks to Igor Fedorenko)
  • Fixes problem with L7 QoS classification introduced in 1.3.5
  • Fixes error in QoS bps display for active congestion control

v1.3.5 (Sep 07, 2010)

  • Support for wireless N (ath9k driver) in Atheros 71xx devices and Alix boards
  • New Automatic Congestion Control utility for QoS
  • Reset button resets Gargoyle defaults for Atheros 231X/5312
  • Underlying OpenWrt version upgraded to 10.03.1 rc3
  • Router hostname now served by DNS
  • Default hostname changed from OpenWrt to Gargoyle
  • New QoS option to set class based on connection bytes

v1.3.4 (Aug 14, 2010)

  • Implements Quotas that shape traffic when reached
  • IMQ modified to hook into INPUT and FORWARD instead of PREROUTING chain, allows post-NAT ingress QoS rules before traffic goes through IMQ
  • Fixes enabling/disabling of UPnP
  • Fixes timezone display when timezone is a plain UTC offset
  • Fixes backwards IPs in web monitor on atheros and alix devices
  • Fixes DHCP off-by-one error
  • Fixes setting of ip_conntrack_udp_timeout_stream key

v1.3.3 (Jul 26, 2010)

  • Alix/X86 devices (with madwifi compatible wireless cards) now officially supported
  • Updated layer7 matching for backfire-supported patterns
  • Fixes bug causing router to crash when web monitor is active

v1.3.2 (Jun 30, 2010)

  • Enabled ip range matching for included/excluded ips in web monitor
  • Fixes bug causing only half of IPs excluded/included in web monitor to be displayed
  • Better exclude searches that are the result of search engines performing a query as a user types it in
  • Fixes enabling/disabling of quotas
  • Fix DIR-300 compatibility
  • Fix bug causing wpa_supplicant to drop broadcast packets when used with madwifi (and wpa encryption is enabled)

v1.3.1 (Jun 20, 2010)

  • Web monitor (when activated) can now record search queries on popular search engines along with recently visited web sites
  • Completely new web monitor implementation, fixes several bugs in previous versions
  • Fixes bug in Quota section that prevents quotas from being displayed when a quota with a limit of 0 bytes is defined
  • AP+WDS wireless mode now displayed properly for one-port atheros routers
  • Fixes ip range matching on broadcom routers in Backfire

v1.3.0 (Jun 10, 2010)

  • Now based on newer OpenWrt 10.03, Backfire
  • Several minor QoS implementation improvements

v1.2.5 (Sep 07, 2010)

  • Reset button resets Gargoyle defaults for Atheros 231X/5312 (backported from 1.3.5)
  • Fixes timezone display when timezone is a plain UTC offset (backported from 1.3.4)
  • Fixes setting of ip_conntrack_udp_timeout_stream key (backported from 1.3.4)
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