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Gargoyle 1.5.x Series


v1.5.11 (Tue Oct 15, 2013)

New in 1.5.11:

  • Support for multiple languages and translations (“i18n support”)
  • Relatively complete support for English, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Chinese languages
  • Minimal support for Portugese and Arabic languages (these translations still need a lot of work)
  • Minidlna media server included on routers with at least 64M of memory and at least 16M of flash
  • Webcam support for routers with at least 64M of memory and at least 16M of flash
  • Fixes installation of kernel module packages via gpkg
  • Tor can now be configured to save files to a USB drive instead of storing everything in memory
  • Tor removed from binaries for smaller router with less than 64M of memory or less than 16M of flash
  • Tor version updated
  • PPTP plugin now available
  • Update OpenWRT Attitude Adjustment branch code to SVN r38347 to include latest wireless fixes
  • Two new themes available: Horchata and Dementoid
  • Updated to use latest version of dropbear SSH server
  • Add favicon to webui

v1.5.10 (Tue May 21, 2013)

New in 1.5.10:

  • OpenWrt updated to final version of Attitude Adjustment
  • New backend plugin manager, gpkg
  • New plugins wifi-schedule (thanks BashfulBladder), logread and webshell
  • OpenVPN server bugfixes
  • Support for Tp-Link MR3220 v2 and MR34220 v2
  • Fixes for 3g usb wireless support
  • Multiple improvements to QoS
  • Updated tor and miniupnp to latest versions
  • Display switch information indicating witch lan ports are up and connected on overview page
  • Some optimization of image files to save space
  • Fixed some file permissions issues with ftp access to usb storage
  • Numerous typo/cosmetic fixes

v1.5.9 (Fri Jan 04, 2013)

New in 1.5.9:

  • New Plugin Interface (System/Plugins)
  • Bump OpenWrt version to Attitude Adjustment RC-1
  • Multiple minor fixes for usb-storage implementation
  • Fixes bug that can (sometimes) cause bandwidth monitor to reset if network restarts
  • Fixes bug in bandwidth monitor display that can cause a single month to show up multiple times after a time-zone change
  • Fixes bug in OpenVpn client mode when configured to use TCP

v1.5.8 (Wed Oct 24, 2012)

New in 1.5.8:

  • USB Storage Section now supports sharing files via FTP
  • USB Storage Section now supports sharing a subdirectory on a drive instead of the whole drive
  • USB Storage Section now supports configuration of multiple users
  • Fixes 3G Support (broken in 1.5.7)
  • Fixes use of non-standard DNS servers (broken in 1.5.7)
  • Fixes printer sharing (broken in 1.5.7)
  • Fixes bug from blocking of MAC addresses assigned a static IP that connect from a different IP, when appropriate setting is checked
  • New Dynamic DNS services: and (Thanks to Cezary Jackiewicz for this patch)
  • Fixes bug preventing NTP daemon from starting properly after time settings are saved (Thanks to Chris Nesbit for this patch)
  • Fixes Display of DNS servers in overview section
  • Display router hardware model in overview section
  • OpenWrt version upgraded to Attitude Adjustment Beta 2 (1.5.7 was based on Beta 1)

v1.5.7 (Sep 20, 2012)

New in 1.5.7:

  • Underlying OpenWRT upgraded to newer “Attitude Adjustment” Branch
  • Significantly improved hardware support
  • Fix handling of direction property of OpenVPN tls-auth
  • Allow building of only one profile for a given architecture by running e.g. “make ar71xx.usb_large” to build usb_large profile instead of all ar71xx profiles

v1.5.6 (Jul 27, 2012)

  • Numerous bug-fixes for OpenVPN including fix for bug preventing server from activating if any port-forwards are active.
  • New Status/OpenVPN section for displaying hosts connected to OpenVPN server
  • Option to track total OpenVPN bandwidth in Status/Bandwidth section
  • Configure Server with OpenVPN TLS-Auth key, for additional security, and allow setting of TLS-Auth in OpenVPN Config controls
  • Include .ovpn file (which is identical in all but name to .conf file) in OpenVPN client configuration zip files, for better interaction with Windows Client
  • Inform user if saving a OpenVPN client config that expects different subnet than what router has configured, and give user the option to automatically switch subnets to the new one.
  • Bump Tor to, and fix bug causing Tor bandwidth to be double-counted
  • Special build for D-Link DIR-825-b1, without Tor. While this router has 8MB of flash, layout is such that not all of it can't be used, and including Tor exceeds maximum.
  • Fix necessary time settings ayutomatically when upgrading from versions ⇐ 1.5.5 and preserving settings
  • Make sure new ntpd daemon gets built on Alix systems

v1.5.5 (Jun 26, 2012)

  • OpenVPN GUI for routers with 8MB+ flash and 32MB+ memory
  • Fixes several major bugs that can prevent Tor from starting when router is rebooted
  • Improved UPNP GUI in port forwarding section
  • Several performance improvements/tweaks for QoS were added
  • Fixes bug in code for starting Tor on a per-IP basis
  • A bug in code for forcing use of router DNS servers was corrected
  • Downloading of bandwidth csv file should now work correctly
  • Moved from using old 3rd party NTP time synchronization utility to busybox NTP utility
  • Fixes a bug that can prevent write access to shared CIFS drives
  • Add dynamic dns provider
  • Fixes a bug in usb disk formatting code when volume numbers are non-sequential
  • Fixes a bug preventing more than one MAC address from being blocked under the Static IP section of the DHCP screen

v1.5.4 (Mar 01, 2012)

  • Bumps OpenWrt version to latest Backfire version for latest wireless fixes and support of multiple switch models in Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH routers
  • New improved version of Active Congestion Controller.
  • Implements ability to configure router as a Tor Relay/Bridge including ability to configure an Obfsproxy bridge (for routers that support Tor)
  • Implements ability to connect to Tor bridge (including Obfsproxy bridge) instead of directly to a relay (for routers that support Tor)
  • Allows monitoring of total Tor Bandwidth usage (for routers that support Tor)
  • Allows access to Tor hidden service addresses from all hosts (toggled and untoggled) when Tor is active and separately toggled for each host (for routers that support Tor)
  • Allows monitoring of bandwidth to/from router itself, which was before included in the “Total” categories, but not recorded seperately
  • Option to attempt to save configuration when upgrading. Some versions may still be incompatible.
  • Fixes monitoring of web history/searches for ranges of IPs
  • Some fixes for mounting/formatting of USB drives
  • Fixes security issue – bandwidth.csv is no longer visible if not logged in
  • Adds two new optional date formats: and yyyy-mm-dd
  • Enable ps wide output in busybox – allows more accurate listing of running processes when logged in via SSH
  • Sets cron loglevel to 9 so syslog doesn't show every time a cronjob runs (which can quickly clutter up the system log)

v1.5.3 (Feb 03, 2012)

  • More wireless fixes, bump OpenWrt to latest Backfire version
  • Implements ability to format USB disk with swap / ext4 in web interface
  • Fix bug causing USB Storage plugin to handle ext3 and ext2 drives incorrectly
  • Implement ability to access TOR Hidden Services
  • Fix bug causing TOR to leak DNS requests
  • Add Tor, USB Storage and USB Printer plugins to Alix build
  • Add dynamic dns service
  • Update theme by Matei to latest version

v1.5.2 (Dec 27, 2011)

  • Fixes bug causing router crash when installing packages via opkg
  • Allows selection of several DNS server options, including OpenDNS and Google DNS servers from a dropdown without the need to enter IPs manually
  • Enables resolution of NameCoin and OpenNIC alternate root domains by default
  • Automatically mounts swap partitions on attached USB drives
  • Tor is disabled on routers with less than 64MB of memory (including swap space)
  • Fixes error in updating domains via dynamic DNS
  • Some improvements in looking up host IP for dynamic DNS – rotating pool of servers for lookups is now used
  • Bumps OpenWrt Backfire version to 10.03.1 final
  • Time initialized to be Jan 1st, 2001 instead of 1970 before NTP started, so timezone shift never puts it before unix epoch
  • QoS accounting improved for PPPoE connections which will improve overall QoS performance on these systems.

v1.5.1 (Dec 05, 2011)

  • Increments OpenWrt Backfire version to include latest wireless driver fixes
  • 3G wireless connection now configurable on routers with USB port when a 3G modem is plugged in
  • USB Printer configuration
  • Tor anonymizer configuration for ar71xx routers with memory >= 32MB and >=8MB of flash space (see here for more info on Tor)
  • Implements user defined ping limits to QoS congestion controller
  • 5GHz and 2.4GHz SSIDS displayed seperately on overview page
  • Fixes bug causing dyanmic DNS daemon not to update properly
  • Fixes bug preventing dynamic DNS updates on some platforms
  • Revert to simpler OpenDNS configuration settings, should be less confusing and should work now
  • Set as default dynamic DNS provider (top of list)
  • Add images for Netgear WNDR3800, TP-Link WR740N and MR3420

v1.5.0 (Oct 25, 2011)

  • 5GHz wireless client and wireless bridge modes can now be used on dual band routers
  • Enables scanning of 5GHz Channels on dual band routers
  • Separate channel width controls for each band on dual band routers
  • Compressed javascript for smaller final image sizes
  • QoS connection bytes now measured in KB, not MB
  • Fixes Wired-Dhcp mode on single port router such as Gargoyle Pocket Router (MR3201A)
  • Fixes dynamic DNS configuration and adds dynamic DNS configuration (thanks to Thomas Markussen)
  • Fixes “Monitor Only” option in web usage monitor
  • Fixes bug that can cause a crash when restarting web usage monitor
  • Add Poland to UTC+1 timezone list
  • Rename field for labeling port forwarding rules from “Application” to “Description”, allowing longer descriptions than 10 characters
  • Update httpd_gargoyle to do a better job of preventing page caching
  • Fixes erroneous display of errors in httpd_gargoyle startup
  • Increments OpenWrt Backfire version to include latest wireless driver fixes
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