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====== OpenVPN Site to Site====== {{INLINETOC 2 4 }} ===== Introduction ===== This how-to is a step by step guide for setting up two gargoyle routers with a site to site configuration. {{ :gargoyle_-_openvpn_router_to_router.png?450 |}} ==== Subnet Addressing ==== The server and client should not have identical LAN subnets, e.g. VPN Server could have a VPN Client could have This applies for all routers/switches/firewalls in the VPN circuit ==== Port Forward ==== Your firewall/router needs to be configured to forward the correct port. The default port to forward is **1194**. Forward this to your Gargoyle router WAN port. You might need to read your router manual on how to do this. ==== Dynamic DNS Service ==== If you don't have a fixed IP from your ISP you will need to set-up a Dynamic DNS Services. see [[dynamic_dns_services|Dynamic DNS Services]] ==== OpenVPN server ==== Set-up the server {{ ::server.jpg?450 |}} ==== OpenVPN Client File ==== Enter client config settings, save then download to you PC {{ ::vpn_client1.jpg?450 |}} {{ ::vpn_client2.jpg?450 |}} ==== Client Router ==== On the client router load the config file then save changes {{ ::vpn_client3.jpg?450 |}}

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