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OpenVPN Site to Site


This how-to is a step by step guide for setting up two gargoyle routers with a site to site configuration.

Subnet Addressing

The server and client should not have identical LAN subnets, e.g.

VPN Server could have a

VPN Client could have

This applies for all routers/switches/firewalls in the VPN circuit

Port Forward

Your firewall/router needs to be configured to forward the correct port. The default port to forward is 1194. Forward this to your Gargoyle router WAN port. You might need to read your router manual on how to do this.

Dynamic DNS Service

If you don't have a fixed IP from your ISP you will need to set-up a Dynamic DNS Services. see Dynamic DNS Services

OpenVPN server

Set-up the server

OpenVPN Client File

Enter client config settings, save then download to you PC

Client Router

On the client router load the config file then save changes

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