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Multi Site / Reverse VPN


Any OpenVPN Server needs an open port forwarded to the correct server IP address to function. Many times this is not possible because of firewall restrictions. This is where “reverse VPN” comes in handy.

The other application of “Reverse VPN” is multi site connections. With “reverse VPN” many remote locations can be connected to form one effective LAN.


  • The Gargoyle OpenVPN server location have the correct port forwarded and open (Firewall access).
  • Suitable Gargoyle routers


Set up routers as per “Site to Site” How-to


This is a good server setup

Note: You need to select “Credentials are specific to each client”


Each client(s) must be setup correctly

The really important part is “Subnet behind client”. This is the LAN where the client is being placed.

If “No Subnet Defined” is selected you will effectively have a one way connection e.g. Client to server

Network Example

Make sure the different networks are not on the same Subnets

see example below

LAN Host 2” can ping “LAN Host 5”

Ping 192.168.45.x

The same IP address can be used many services, one example being “remote desktop”

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