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Router Performance Improvement


Due to increased network speeds and router design with current Gargoyle/OpenWRT firmware the router throughput in most cases is limited by CPU performance. To increase router network speed/performance one solution is to disable bandwidth monitor (bwmon).

Note: Beware that disabling bwmon you will lose the ability to monitor/track bandwidth data, which will probably disable Quotas and all bandwidth graphs as well.


SSH into your router and type the following commands

Disable Bandwidth Monitor

<shell> /etc/init.d/bwmon_gargoyle stop /etc/init.d/bwmon_gargoyle disable </shell>

Enable Bandwidth Monitor

<shell> /etc/init.d/bwmon_gargoyle enable /etc/init.d/bwmon_gargoyle start </shell>

Note: A Reboot may not be necessary afterward, but it's advised.

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