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===== Common Scenarios ===== Gargoyle is a tremendously flexible tool, and every situation is a little different - however sometimes an example is a good place to start. * [[Scenario-Modem | Use Gargoyle with an existing Modem (DSL/Satellite/3G/4G)]] * [[Scenario-Teenagers | Household with Teenagers and capped monthly Download]] * [[Scenario-GarGoyleForGamers | GarGoyle for Gamers]] * [[Scenario-StudentHouse|Shared Internet connection in a Student share house]] * [[Scenario-FreeWiFi | Coffee Shop with Free WiFi]] * [[Scenario-Homework | No Facebook during homework time]] * [[Scenario-NetworkShare | Keep the family photos in one place]] * [[Scenario-Backup | Backup to a central independent hard-drive]] \\ \\

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