Use non-standard ping target.

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Use non-standard ping target.

Post by SirSWE »

As I know it selects my WAN as default. But I dont understand how to know its working.

Does it select diffrent trace route or does it help to lower the ping with ACC? Should I go for and trace my ping to or could anyone help or explain abit.

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Re: Use non-standard ping target.

Post by Lantis »

You need a reliable target that will be in the path of most likely congestion.
You also want the target as close to you as possible.

It is trying to watch and see if your ping goes up which might indicate the link is becoming saturated. This then let's it know to control the connection down until ping stabilised. for the latest releases
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Re: Use non-standard ping target.

Post by CBx86 »

The default target is your ISP gateway. (for pppoe wan)
The best choice, i think. :D

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