Gargoyle: A free firmware upgrade for your wireless router
MONITOR BANDWIDTH usage for every computer
SET QUOTAS AND THROTTLES ensuring that network resources are allocated fairly
BLOCK FORBIDDEN WEBSITES or block everything except a white-list of allowed addresses
CONFIGURE A WIRELESS BRIDGE connecting two networks without any ugly wires
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Version 1.12.0 : New stable version    12/03/2019
New in 1.12.0:
  • External Plugin Root bug fixes (blocks the use of inappropriately formatted drives)
  • OpenVPN updated to latest with new ciphers
  • OpenVPN bug fixes (subnet routes for clients sometimes missing)
Version 1.11.0 : Based on OpenWrt 18.06    02/21/2019
Important: See upgrade notes at bottom of post

New in 1.11.0:
    Version 1.10.0 : New stable version with critical security fixes    10/27/2017
    Version 1.10.0 marks a long overdue new stable version based on OpenWRT Chaos Calmer, while work is underway to por...