OpenVPN and iOS App - TUN Setup Failed

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Re: OpenVPN and iOS App - TUN Setup Failed

Post by maihacke »

you have to edit both the ccd/<client> and server.conf

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Re: OpenVPN and iOS App - TUN Setup Failed

Post by marcinkk »

The same problem exist for Android OpenVPN client.

The solution for me is edit files in ccd directory and change IP of the gateway to text vpn_gateway. I had to do it each time after clicking Save Changes in OpenVPN Configuration. It is not a big problem but it is a little inconvenient.

I have an idea to make a little fix, but coding it at this moment seems a little complicated for me. Maybe somebody else will make the following change:
1) In the form for add/edit OpenVPN Client add checkbox "Android/iOS Client" (default: unchecked).
2) The script which creates files in ccd directory should check this option and: if it is checked then instead of writing gateway IP address to the client file the text vpn_gateway should be put there.

option unchecked

Code: Select all

push "route"

option checked

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push "route vpn_gateway"

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Re: OpenVPN and iOS App - TUN Setup Failed

Post by Pepper Breath »

So to clarify, I'm altering files on the router itself, not the .opvn files that it's popping out?

I managed to setup the OpenVPN server on my router, setup DDNS, and grabbed a .opvn file for my laptop. Worked like a charm when I was on the road. However, the Android OpenVPN client keeps giving me an error that there's a configuration error in the .opvn file I made for my phone.

Not super critical since I have mobile data, but would be nice if I could get this to work, particularly for banking stuff.

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Re: OpenVPN and iOS App - TUN Setup Failed

Post by Lantis »

Yes the modification is to the script on the router and files on the router.
Update to the latest snapshot builds and the “client prefers vpn_gateway” option is already there for the latest releases
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