Web filtering - Parental Control

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Web filtering - Parental Control

Post by chadycom »

I tried searching, reading and exploring all around the forum and the documents at Gargoyle and failed to get a clear straightforward answer so i hope anyone can assist me.

I want to stop anyone on my network from accessing adults or crime or violence... etc that kind of category.
So I learned that you can do that for free with Norton Connect Safe. I took their DNS Server addresses and added them to the Connection/LAN/Custom DNS server option (Gargoyle 1.9x with TP Link N600 3600). I saved the changes, did a test and failed. I disconnected the device and reconnect on wifi again, did test and failed.
Kibosh claims to work very well with Gargoyle, it is a paid service which i dont mind but only available in the US in Canada.

What is the workable way to protect my network from pornography, security, ads and adult or mature contents please?

thank you

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Re: Web filtering - Parental Control

Post by tapper »

Hi i use opendns and you have to tick a check box that says force clients to use routers DNS. Some devices like androids try and over ride the dns settings if you dont do that.
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Re: Web filtering - Parental Control

Post by chadycom »

well i found out that the whole thing about trying to protect with DNS from family safe or norton is still useless :(
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Re: Web filtering - Parental Control

Post by Lantis »

You can implement this on the router or locally on the client.
https://support.opendns.com/hc/en-us/ar ... e-and-Bing

I'll look at doing something similar in the firmware when I have time.
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Re: Web filtering - Parental Control

Post by Aragorn_Strider »


I also use OpenDNS and I'm satisfied with its features.

With an account :
- you can choose which category you want to filter.
- you can customize filtering and add particular domains to a white list (never block) or a black list (always block).

Theses lists are limited to 25 entries, but you can pay for around 20$/year to remove this limitation (and extend the history to one year instead of only 15 days).

You can suggest, in the "Domain tagging" feature, new domains which are not already filtered.

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Re: Web filtering - Parental Control

Post by mojolacerator »

I find adguard works well as an adblocking/dns resolver.

You can choose 2 options, adguard, or adguard + porn-blocker.


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Re: Web filtering - Parental Control

Post by meazz1 »

I used OpenDns Family shield.
I added their DNS IP in the router's custom DNS box.

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Re: Web filtering - Parental Control

Post by altso8 »

I use free ADGUARD for DNS, OPENDNS did not filter out Bing porn images or videos. ADGUARD uses Safesearch which does a good job but clients can get around that by changing DNS on their PCs. Tried to use restriction "All hosts except" , local port 53 but does not work. Clients can still watch porn. Gargoyle 1.10.0 TL-WR1043 v1.

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