Router Speed tests

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Re: Router Speed tests

Post by karenmcd »

So I finally got around to doing some of the hardware upgrades and have results.

TL;DR: PING 16ms DOWNLOAD 741.86Mbps UPLOAD 26.83 Mbps

Testing environment:
Cat 6 Cable, 10/100/1G hardware including Netgear JGS516, WRT1900ACv2 and 2.5gb Intel I211-AT Card on the computer.

The old modem being a Cisco DPC3825 ... l-gateway/ essentially a 10/100mbps device.

The new modem being a Technicolor CGM4331COM (XB7) ... CGM4331COM which comes with Broadcom BCM3390 SoC. According to the ISP this device supports up to 2.5gbps on the LAN side on 1 port and 1gbps on the other 3 ports.

They claim their network is capable of 5gbps but their tech support on the phone explicitly told me that they will not and have no intention of supporting more than 1.5gbps.

I was pinging and performing the speed tests on servers approximately 715km away.

The Netgear device was originally bypassed for the testing results I share here, but when it was put back in the picture had no effect on the tests, so I omitted those results.

So here I have posted the results with my computer connected directly to modem. It was the same result with the netgear switch and the linksys router:
The older Cisco DPC3825
PING ms16
DOWNLOAD Mbps 84.37
UPLOAD Mbps 8.03

These were what I expected. I was previously paying for a 75mbps connection rate/plan. I had upgraded the plan before the hardware arrived, but I suspect that the DPC3825 was not capable of reaching 100mpbs, and instead capping out at ~85mbps which was what I used used to.

Here I swapped out the new modem and did the exact same test with the newer Technicolor CGM4331COM (XB7) modem:
PING ms 16
DOWNLOAD Mbps 939.04
UPLOAD Mbps 26.78

I was kinda like ... "holy sh!t" lol. As stated previously I didn't expect it to be able to do better than 750mbps, however it exceeded my expectations and nearly reached what it says it's capable of, given my 1gbps subscription level.

Finally I assembled the rest of my network back together, and had these results with the Netgear switch BYPASSED, the Linksys router back in the loop with the new Technicolor modem set to BRIDGED mode, and usingthe same test computer:
PING ms 16
DOWNLOAD Mbps 741.86
UPLOAD Mbps 26.83

So all said and done, i'm a bit disappointed that the new modem appears to be bottle-necked a bit by the Linksys WRT1900ACv2, but idk if much can be done about it. The Linksys E8450 has some marginal improvements and slightly faster processor but doesn't support more than a 1gbps network which is where I'm at already. I'm waiting on some CAT8 Cable and new Netgear GS110MX switch to arrive. I'll have to rewire my whole house as I have some CAT5, CAT5e and CAT6 stuff and the CAT5 stuff is just WAY too outdated to be useful for anything anymore.

I am not sure what I'm going to do about the router bit for now. There doesn't appear to be any routers that support Gargoyle and 2.5gbps+ yet. Sure hope something comes!

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Re: Router Speed tests

Post by Lantis »

karenmcd wrote:
Mon Jun 21, 2021 9:27 pm
the new Technicolor modem set to BRIDGED mode, and usingthe same test computer:
PING ms 16
DOWNLOAD Mbps 741.86
UPLOAD Mbps 26.83
In bridge mode, is Gargoyle just using DHCP or is it PPPoE authentication?
PPPoE will add additional overhead. Otherwise, it is a slightly slower result than i expected (would have expected 900mbps if not saturation).
QOS on/off?
BW monitoring is on by default and i assume wasn't modified. for the latest releases
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Re: Router Speed tests

Post by karenmcd »

Gargoyle is at DHCP(wired) - with two assigned IPs for servers and QOS is off for both upload and download. I've never bothered with it.

BW monitoring is on as you stated by default, mainly so i can see what's happening. It's the whole reason i switched to Gargoyle to begin with :)

Device Name:Gargoyle
Gargoyle Version:1.12.0
Model:Linksys WRT1900ACv2
Device Configuration:Gateway
Memory Usage:77.5MB / 498.9MB (15.5%)
Swap Memory Usage:0MB / 76308.3MB (0%)
CPU Load Averages:0.01 / 0.02 / 0.00 (1/5/15 minutes)
CPU Temperature:76 °C
RAM Temperature:48 °C
Wifi Temperature:47 °C

I have not updated the firmware yet as I still have a very long list of port forwards to put together before I can update it and reset all the ports, ssids etc.. I also have to time it to align with my work schedule and off-peak usage of the servers.. heh

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Re: Router Speed tests

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