[SOLVED] TP Link WR1043ND - Setting up

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Re: [SOLVED] TP Link WR1043ND - Setting up

Post by belbo »

fidjit wrote:Glad to see Dorito's firmware is working for you.

I'm not so lucky . Reflashed last night, within 24 hours was having wireless connectivity issues again and after a reboot it lost my PPOE login details :oops:

Back to my WRT54G V2.2 with Gargoyle again, but that seems to have wireless issues as well just weekly rather than daily so I've tried to include a reboot at least once a week.

The WR1043ND is back to stock just in case I get sick of rebooting.

Wonder if it's related to the hardware version ?? Mines v1.8 , what's everyone elses ???
Mine's a 1.8 as well. Perhaps its related to distance / obstacles. My router and mythtv frontend are around 10m or less apart and there is hardly any brick / concrete between them - mostly board walls.

Last night we had the first experience of a recording not being watchable - it constantly stuttered. It was a 720p tv recording. Decided to watch another show which was 1080i and that played perfectly. Strange. Perhaps there were imperfections in the recording that, combined with using wireless, caused the delays.

Re WRT54GL with Gargoyle. I had that before the WRT1043ND as well. I set mine to automatically reboot nightly. Before that I was finding my wireless hosts were losing their connection almost daily.

If the WRT54GL was working fine for you I'm surprised, based on my experience, that the TP Link isn't. Maybe you've got a dud?

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Re: [SOLVED] TP Link WR1043ND - Setting up

Post by fidjit »


Thanks for feedback. Nothing to do with obstacles or distance, wireless just seems to completely die on the router. Everything works fine with a wired client but there's actually NO wireless at all.

And as mentioned last time, I lost my PPOE settings completely :x

So............ I've just loaded Dorito's file again.

I've done heaps of resets and wipes to the stock firmware before loading and then a couple of resets after loading gargoyle.

I've just manually set it up with all my rules and settings

I've thrown in a weekly auto reboot as well ( assuming it lasts a week ). ;)

I really like Gargoyle and I get much faster internet throughput on my connection on the WR1043ND than my WRT54G V2.2

Fingers crossed :lol:

( Fallback test if it craps itself again is do drop back to b/g only , it's currently b/g/n )

( Oh and with regards to the WRT54G, there's one device ( a Linksys WBP54G bridge ) that just doesn't play nice with the WRT54G no matter what firmware it's running. That's what prompted purchasing the WR1043ND in the first place :D )

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Re: [SOLVED] TP Link WR1043ND - Setting up

Post by fidjit »

Just to let you know that my latest install of Dorito's firmware has been running solid for 3 days now.

No issues with wifi, all the graphs work fine under Chrome.

I must have held my tongue right on the last install :lol:

( And of course today 1.3.15 is released, decisions....decisions...stick with Dorito's or upgrade :oops: )

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Re: [SOLVED] TP Link WR1043ND - Setting up

Post by doritos »

Can we see in which OpenWrt revision 1.3.15 is based on?

My own is also running stable since I flashed that build, I'll stick with it, since it's far enough for my needs

In any case, this guy (http://www.gargoyle-router.com/phpbb/vi ... f=7&t=1406) is maintaining more up to date revisions, I'll not build it again unless I really need to some some tweaks.

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Re: [SOLVED] TP Link WR1043ND - Setting up

Post by Eric »

See my response in the news thread on 1.3.15

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Re: [SOLVED] TP Link WR1043ND - Setting up

Post by rsaddey »

I replaced* my WRT-54GL v1.1 with a WR1043ND using dorito's build and I can only say: I'm impressed. It appears to be rock solid, CPU load averages tend to indicate 0.00 / 0.00 / 0.00 and my user experience (when accessing the GUI) is just snappy.

*) For years my WRT-54GL kept bugging with spurious reboots and hangs (each and every other day or so, neighbors calling me on the phone "MY internet is not available") - which I attributed to DD-WRT. After having upgraded to Tomato (sporting excellent QOS but lacking quotas) the symptoms would still persist. Doing some extreme googling I finally concluded that the ultimate cause for instability was NOT the firmware but the hardware: It appears as though the device cannot reliably handle both wireless and cabled connections at the same time (at least when using non-stock firmware) - quite a revelation. And yes, after having disabled WIFI at the WRT-54GL (and using dedicated access points instead), the WRT-54GL would no longer reboot nor hang. The same was true after having installed Gargoyle 1.3.14. I was NOT amused at all and decided that my WRT-54GL should be headed for the cliff - for good.


1. I did not encounter any difficulties upgrading the stock WR1043ND to dorito's Gargoyle build - I didn't even bother to do any sort of reset either.
2. I would have ordered a Ubiquiti Routerstation if it were readily available pre-shrunk in Germany.
3. I do love Chrome
4. I'm still using 2 dedicated access points to supply wireless access, thus I haven't enabled WIFI on the WR1043ND yet, but will try to do so once the next stable Gargoyle shows up.
5. I suspect the WR1043ND might turn out to be a worthy successor for the WRT-54 breed in the years to come.

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