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USB Attached Printer

Install Printer Drivers

On a Windows PC install the printer driver as per manufactures instructions.

For this example the USB cable was plugged from PC to printer. Make sure both devices powered up first. The install wizard should then detect and install the printer driver automatically.

Print a test page to make sure it is working correctly.

Change Printer Port

In printer Properties. (right click on the Printer icon)

(you don't need the Printer attached to the for this)

Then Click Ports

In there Click Add Port.

Select Standard TCP/IP Port, then New Port

Wizard starts,

Click Next

In the next page type in the IP Address of your Router with the Printer attached. (e.g. The second line fills its self in.

Then Click Next and wait

Use the Drop Down arrow to select “HP JetDirect”
Note: For this example a Brother Printer is used but HP JetDirect is selected

Then Next and Finished

The Wizards should have added the Port to the Printer

Gargoyle Check

Plug uour USB printer cable into your Gargoyle router (make sure both devices are powered up). Then check that Gargoyle has found your printer.

Final Test

Then all that you need to do is re-print a test page.

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