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Router Button Functions

Just about all routers have different hardware configurations so this how-to is to help end users find and test router push buttons.

Make Router Connection

You will need: PuTTY.exe (or your favourite SSH client) WinSCP

log into your router with both of these programs, the defaults are:

  • hostname:
  • port: 22
  • username: root
  • password: yourpassword

In WinSCP make sure you set File Protocol to SCP (Not “SFTP” as is the default) , and also tell it to remember your password for the session or you will be typing it over and over.

Find Button Name

Open gargoyle_button_handler file to edit and add a line of code to find button name


add the following line

logger the button was $BUTTON and the action was $ACTION

as shown below

   [ "$ACTION" = "$action" -a "$BUTTON" = "$button" -a -n "$handler" ] && {
      [ -z "$min" -o -z "$max" ] && eval $handler 
      [ -n "$min" -a -n "$max" ] && {
         [ $min -le $SEEN -a $max -ge $SEEN ] && eval $handler 
   logger the button was $BUTTON and the action was $ACTION

i.e. make sure it goes between the 2nd last and last braces. Save and close

Test For Button Name

Go and press the button on your router that you wish to have as your wifi toggle button. in PuTTY, type


look for the following phrase

Wed May  1 19:23:39 2019 user.notice root: the button was wps and the action was pressed

Write this button name down exactly as stated, we will need it soon.

In the example above the TP-Link C7 v2 button is “wps” with action “pressed”

Edit and Test Function

Open Config File

config button 'reset_button'
   option button 'reset'
   option action 'released'
   option handler 'logger restore defaults ; /sbin/firstboot -y; reboot ;'
   option min '3'
   option max '90'

change 'reset' to 'New_Button_Name'

you’ll also need a symlink from that button to the Gargoyle button handler like the other buttons

ln -s /etc/rc.button/gargoyle_button_handler /etc/rc.button/New_Button_Name

Where New_Button_Name is your new found button name.

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