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OpenVPN PC Client


With the installation of a windows OpenVPN client it is possible to make a connection to a Gargoyle router running OpenVPN server for remote connections.

Setting up the Gargoyle OpenVPN server is just the same as “Router to Router” method. see other guide for server setup.


This guide uses:

  • Compatable Gargoyle router
  • Windows PC
  • OpenVPN Client


OpenVPN have both a commercial product and a free community client. Download and install the community client.

Make sure you install the correct version for your operating system.

Most people will install “Installer, Windows Vista and later

Just install the default setup

Configure Client

Run the GUI OpenVPN client

The GUI Client should now show in the task bar, right click for settings

Under Advanced will show which directory to store OpenVPN Config/Keys

Install Config/Key Files

Download and unzip the key Files the Gargoyle OpenVPN server

Copy the unzipped folder (Not Files) to the search directory. In this case


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