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Linksys WRT54G-TM

<alertbox> WARNING: This document may contain errors which may result in damage to your router. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. </alertbox>

This router was only produced briefly by Linksys but is compatible with Gargoyle because it has 8 Megs of RAM and 32 Megs of flash giving you plenty of room to do cool stuff. The “-TM” part of the name refers to T-Mobile functionality that Linksys supports in their stock firmware. This functionality will be lost if you install Gargoyle so if you have a T-Mobile phone and use this function you have to decide what you want to do. Flashing of this router requires a special step because the stock Linksys firmware will not allow itself to be directly replaced by Gargoyle. The procedure is to replace the Linksys firmware with the CFE_Updater and then replace the CFE_updater with Gargoyle.

To prepare for the procedure

  1. Download latest .trx image of the Gargoyle package
  2. Download this TFTP utility
  3. Download Tornado's CFE_Updater-WRT54G-TM.bin

<alertbox>Do not use the procedure on any router except the WRT54G-TM.</alertbox>

1. First assign two STATIC IP addresses to your ethernet wired adapter. Assuming the default LAN IP Address of the Linksys WRT54G-TM is we will use and on your computer.

On Windows XP, Control Panel/Network Connections/right-click on Local Area Connection icon and select Properties.

On Windows Vista, Control Panel/Network and Sharing Center. Go into the properties of the Local Area Connection/Internet Protocol TCP/IP and set the static IP address.

    IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:
    Default Gateway:

Click the Advanced button in the TCP/IP setup window and in the IP Address section click the ADD button to add the following 2nd IP Address to the adapter:

    IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:

Then click OK on each screen. Your network interface card (NIC) now has 2 LAN IP Address statically set on it, and This will allow your PC to communicate with the router before and after the CFE_Updater is on it. It will also allow you to be able to tell when the router is ready for a TFTP upload.

2. Open a command prompt window and type ping -t and hit enter. The ping with begin execution and there will be no response. This is normal and what you want. Leave this window open.

3. Log into the WRT54G-TM's web interface @ (assuming that the router has been reset to defaults) and go to the Administration Tab - Firmware Upgrade. Upload the CFE_Updater-WRT54G-TM.bin to the router.

!!!ATTENTION!!! You MUST wait 5 minutes after clicking the Upgrade button to allow the CFE_Updater to replace the stock CFE on the router and for it to erase the rest of the flash.

A few seconds after clicking the Upgrade button the Linksys web interface will report that the upload has been successful and the power light will begin flashing on the router. DON'T BE IMPATIENT! This only means the CFE_Updater has begun its work so wait. Once it is finished replacing the stock firmware and erasing the rest of the flash, the router will reboot again.

Confirm that the process is complete by observing continuous ping responses in your still open ping window.

4. Start up the TFTP utility and set the following:

    Password: <leave blank>
    File: <path to your Gargoyle Image>

Now click the Upgrade button. Once the firmware is sent to the router, it will reboot. The power light will change from flashing to solid when it is ready to be configured @

If at some point you want to revert to the stock Linksys firmware you can find instructions at

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