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====== Fon Flash ====== {{INLINETOC 2 4 }} ===== Introduction ===== Fon Flash is a new program based on AP51 flash, for flashing La Fonera and Atheros chipset compatible devices. It has been tested, and works with the original 2100/2200 devices, as well as the newer Fon+ and Fon2.0 models. ===== Primary improvement ===== The primary improvement in Fon Flash over AP51 flash is that it can flash several different types of firmware. While AP51 flash is suitable for flashing Gargoyle / OpenWrt, it cannot flash the latest official Fon NG firmware which requires three files to be flashed to the device, or the latest releases of DD-WRT (v24 and v24sp1) which require only one file. Fon Flash can flash all of these configurations. ===== Summary of improvements ===== Summary of improvements over AP51 Flash: - Can Flash Fon NG and DD-WRT as well as Gargoyle/OpenWrt - Now works on Mac OS X as well as Windows and Linux - New cross-platform GUI, works on all 3 platforms - No longer consumes 80% of CPU resources, like AP51Flash ====== Flashing Routers ====== Using Fon Flash to install gargoyle firmware on your compatible router [[Windows Install|Using Fon Flash with Windows]] [[Linux Install|Using Fon Flash with Linux]] [[OS X Install|Using Fon Flash with OS X]] ====== Compiling Fon Flash ====== Fon Flash is open source and therefore can be built and customized to your requirements. [[Windows build|Compiling Fon Flash for Windows]] [[Linux build|Compiling Fon Flash for Linux]] [[OS X build|Compiling Fon Flash for OS X]] ===== Thanks ===== Thanks go to the original author of Ap51 Flash, Sven Ola, and to Steven Leeman who has helped with testing and suggestions. Steven has also set up a site with instructions on how to flash original fonera firmware to any of the existing Fon models using Fon Flash.

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