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Dynamic DNS Services


If your ISP assigns you a Dynamic IP address and you want to provide web type services to the outside world you will need to use “Dynamic DNS Services”.

Standard users of the Internet who connect to it via an Internet Service Provider (ISP) will be allocated a numeric IP address by the ISP; the address may either be stable (“static”), or may change from one session on the Internet to the next (“dynamic”). If it is necessary to be able to access the computer from another location, a numeric address is inconvenient to remember an address which changes unpredictably makes connection impossible.


Dynamic DNS provider setup

You fist need to select a Dynamic DNS provider online. choose one from the drop down list.

For this example we will use

Sign up

Activate you account then select the “Dynamic DNS” section from the side menu

add a record

Enter in your details and save

Create any subdomain and select from the drop down a domain

In this example your URL will become

Saved record

Gargoyle router setup

From the gargoyle menu select

Connection » Dynamic DNS

Enter details

then select “add DNS service”

then “save changes”


Depending on what service you are trying to use you should be able to access your site. In our example

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