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 ======Documentation Index====== ======Documentation Index======
-**<fs 110%>[[Install|Installation Guide]]</fs>**+**[[Supported Routers - Tested Routers Router Hardware Guide]]**
-Instructions on how to install Gargoyle. READ FIRST!!!+The best approach is to select a Router used successfully by many other Gargoyle users. Other Routers may work, but you will need to check things out more carefully
-**<fs 110%>[[Gargoyle Setup|Configuration Guide]]</fs>** 
-Configuring your Gargoyle Router+\\ 
 +Check the __exact version__ of your __hardware carefully__.\\ 
 +Use **factory.bin** to __install__ Gargoyle over the original manufacturer's firmware\\ 
 +Use **sysupgrade.bin** to __upgrade__ an existing Gargoyle/OpenWrt installation
-**<fs 110%>[[FAQ]]</fs>** 
-Frequently Asked Questions about the Gargoyle Router Project.+\\ 
 +**[[install_guide|Installation Guide]]**
-**<fs 110%>[[Supported Routers - Tested Routers]]</fs>**+It is __**important**__ to read the instructions carefully to enjoy a trouble-free installation. If you do get into trouble then the [[failsafe_mode_recovery|recovery instructions]] will probably save you. If you get homesick then you may wish to [[revert]].
-A listing of routers that are supported as well as other routers reported to have had Gargoyle installed successfully by users.+\\ 
 +**[[Gargoyle Setup|Configuration Guide]] & [[Common Scenarios]] & [[Gargoyle_Tips|Tricks]]** 
 +Once you [[getting_started|get started]] with Gargoyle, it is easy to [[basic|connect your devices to the Internet]]; and to  [[bandwidth_usage|monitor realtime bandwidth]] for each device.  Setting up [[quotas]] to manage your bandwidth is a little more involved, but well worth the effort. Turning on the default [[qos|Quality of Service]] management will prioritise your bandwidth when your Internet connection is under full load. And if you get stuck then try the [[|forum]]. 
 +Frequently Asked Questions about the Gargoyle Router Project.
-**<fs 110%>[[Developer Info|Information For Developers]]</fs>**+\\ 
 +**[[Developer Info|Information For Developers]]**
 Infomation found here may be helpful to Gargoyle developers. Infomation found here may be helpful to Gargoyle developers.
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