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====== Bandwidth Usage ====== ===== Introduction ===== Use Bandwidth Usage for displaying bandwidth usage as a total for any connected clients for any selected period of time. ===== Bandwidth Graph Display Options ===== All bandwidth usage reported is via the WAN interface only. Traffic between local hosts is not reported. ==== Time Frame ==== Select graph x axis length of time. Time frame is from 15 minutes to 1 year ==== Plot ==== Select fields to plot. Up to 3 fields can be plotted. Select from * Total Bandwidth * QoS download class * Hostname * IP Address === QoS download class === QoS can be sub divided into * Voip * Fast * Slow * Normal ==== Save High Resolution ==== Save High Resolution 15 Minute Timeframe Data For All Hosts Not recommended for routers with < 32MB of RAM ===== Bandwidth Graphs ===== View graphs based on the above section rules. Graphs are divided into * Download * Upload * Total Click expand to enlarge graph The graphs are SVG based. Many browsers support SVG graphics; older browsers may not - in particular Internet Explorer 8 & earlier require the Adobe SVG Viewer plugin available [[|here]]. ===== Bandwidth Usage Table ===== Select options for summary table, options are ==== Display Interval ==== * Minutes * Quarter Hours * Hours * Days * Months ==== Display Type ==== * Total Bandwidth * QoS download class * Host Name * IP address ==== Table Units ==== * Auto (Mixed) * KBytes * MBytes * GBytes * TBytes ===== Download Bandwidth Data ===== Download Bandwidth Data in CSV format for further data anaylis Data is comma separated: [Direction],[Interval Length],[Intervals Saved],[IP],[Interval Start],[Interval End],[Bytes Used]

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