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====== 3g/UMTS USB Dongle ====== ===== Introduction ===== Gargoyle 1.5.1 and above now supports 3g/UMTS USB Dongles for WAN access to the internet from your wireless ISP provider. ====== Supported Modems ===== * Huawei E3372 4G LTE USB Modem ===== Prerequisites ===== To be able to use a 3g with Gargoyle * Your Gargoyle router must have a free USB port. * You need 3g/UMTS USB Dongle * An active account with you 3g provider * Routers with at least 8MB of Flash and 32MB of RAM. ===== Set-up ===== In your router configuration select ==== Select 3g ==== ''-->> Connection -->> Basic -->> Internet/WAN -->> Connect via:'' Select ''3g (GSM)'' from the pull down box {{:gargoyle_router_management_utility_-_mozilla_firefox_2011-12-01_20-04-07.png|}} If ''3g (GSM)'' is not displayed you will need to plug in your 3g/UMTS USB Dongle wait a couple of minutes then refresh your browser. ==== Enter 3g provider details ==== You can either manually enter your provider details or select your provider from the drop down "Mobile ISP:" box {{:3g_provider_details.png|}} === Service === service depends on the services (eg Orange in Poland allows you to connect GSM/UMTS (HSPA) and CDMA). === Device === Select USB port * /dev/ttyUSB0 * /dev/ttyUSB1 * /dev/ttyUSB2 * /dev/ttyUSB3 If you don't have SSH access to your router you will have to guess which port your modem manufacture uses |ZTE || /dev/ttyUSB2| |huawei||/dev/ttyUSB0| |sierra||/dev/ttyUSB3| |Pantech |UMW190|/dev/ttyACM0| |Pantech |UML290|/dev/cdc-wdm0| === Pincode === PIN is on the sim card. This may or may not be used. === Mobile ISP === Manual or select your provider === APN === Access Point Name (APN) is a computer protocol that typically allows a user's computer to access the Internet using the mobile phone network. ^New Zealand APN^^ |Telecom|| |2degrees|internet| |Verizon|mw01.vzwstatic (Static IP in Midwest)| |vodafone|| === User Name === optional, provider dependant === Password === optional, provider dependant === WAN Ethernet Port === When using 3g select which option for your spare WAN Ethernet port ===== Trouble Shooting ===== From command line install picocom <shell> opkg update opkg install picocom </shell> Connect to your 3g dongle <shell> picocom -b 115200 /dev/ttyUSB0 </shell> Change to your 3g port (USBx). If you get he wrong port you will get this error at he end when you type anything. <shell> Terminal ready FATAL: write to term failed: Resource temporarily unavailable root@Gargoyle:~$ </shell> or when nothing is plugged in (3g dongle) <shell> FATAL: cannot open /dev/ttyUSB2: No such file or directory </shell> success will look something like this <shell> +ZDONR: "Telecom NZ",530,5,"CS_ONLY","ROAM_OFF" +ZPASR: "HSUPA" +ZDONR: "Telecom NZ",530,5,"CS_PS","ROAM_OFF" +ZPASR: "UMTS" </shell> ===== ZTE modems ===== ZTE USB modems by default support self-installation and auto-run functionality. This is a problem with linux devices and needs to be disabled. To disable run <shell> picocom -b 115200 /dev/ttyUSB2 AT+ZOPRT=5 AT+ZCDRUN=8 </shell>

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