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====== Gargoyle 1.8.x Series ====== **<fs 90%>[[changelog#Changelog]]</fs>** * <fs 80%>[[1.8.x#v1.8.1 (Mon Nov 9, 2015)|1.8.1]]</fs> ''barrier_breaker 14.07 SVN r46817'' * <fs 80%>[[1.8.x#v1.8.0 (Fri Aug 21, 2015)|1.8.0]]</fs> ''barrier_breaker 14.07 SVN r46287'' ==== v1.8.0 (Fri Aug 21, 2015) ==== There are very few changes between this release and 1.7.2, but this release is the first official "stable" release based on Barrier Breaker. While not as much time has passed between the port to Barrier Breaker in 1.7.0 and the release of this stable branch, this branch will now become the stable branch so that work can begin on a new branch, 1.9.x, based on Chaos Calmer, which is due out very soon. New in 1.8.0: Updated Polish, Russian and Chinese translations for new adblock plugin WAN LED should now light properly on D-Link DIR-835 routers

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