Gargoyle on zyxel NR7101

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Gargoyle on zyxel NR7101

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Would there be any chance to get gargoyle on nr7101 in the future? It would be very nice, then i could have "all in one" unit. Now i use a NR5101 (without openwrt support) with external antenna connected to a nanopi r2s with gargoyle for bandwidth monitoring etc

I do also have a NR7101 with openwrt installed with qmi package and also running fine. If i could get gargoyle running on it i suppose i should be able to install the qmi package for 5g, and still monitor traffic stats over lan.

Is here any LTE gurus with guide for installing modem on gargoyle!? Yes i have heard of rooter firmware but have not tested it, as i assume it does not have the perfect way to monitoring/limiting bandwidth as gargoyle :D

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Re: Gargoyle on zyxel NR7101

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Due to the 5G modem i specifically didn't add that device sorry. for the latest releases
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