Indoor 5ghz channels

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Indoor 5ghz channels

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Just sharing my experience using indoor 5ghz channels setup.

My setup
- Linksys WRT3200ACM
- 5GHz Channel Width in 160Mhz
- Usable channels only in 36 or 100
- Channel 36 is overcrowded in my neighborhood
- Channel 100 is limited by DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) channel, so sometimes its down in short time then I must use a cron job to get it up again

Using this link ... els/156942
then you can set your 5ghz channels as indoor only. By this way you can ssh to the router then change the wireless config to use all channels in between in your geographical region.
Very stable and usable setup to bypass the DFS limitation

# uci set wireless.radio0.country3=0x49
# uci commit wireless

Radio0 is my Linksys associated to 5ghz channel , now I can as the sole user of the channel 116 in my neighborhood

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