Linksys E8450 build?

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Linksys E8450 build?

Post by karenmcd »

Hello again,

Thought I'd ask about this build. I'm curious if there's an Alpha/Beta/Test build I could play with. I had a look through the files ... st_builds/ here, but didn't see anything obvious. mentions needing to do something about UBI layout.. Would or should I install openwrt first and deal with this UBI problem/issue or is there nothing to report/do yet?

Hope you're well, been a while for sure! happy holidays to you all either way!


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Re: Linksys E8450 build?

Post by Lantis »

I added support for this in 1.14.0 ... pgrade.itb

Please carefully read the OpenWrt installation guide for this router.
I would strongly recommend taking a backup of the device as per the instructions first.

I don't prepare a first time install image for Gargoyle, so the pathway is:
- First time install OpenWrt
- Sysupgrade to Gargoyle for the latest releases
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