Connected 3g Modem - Send SMS Service

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Connected 3g Modem - Send SMS Service

Post by psycik »

Does anyone know of a way it might be possible to host something on a Gargoyle-Router for sending SMS messages via a connected 3g modem?

I know you can use AT commands to send. But I'd like some sort of web service hosted on the router to receive a request with a dest phone number and a message, so that I might incorporate it into other messaging at home, ie email - for say house alarm notifications.

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Re: Connected 3g Modem - Send SMS Service

Post by nworbnhoj »

Interesting idea!
If you can figure out the AT commands then it probably is not overly difficult to build a little Gargoyle plugin
Can you help someone else get Gargoyle up and running?
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Re: Connected 3g Modem - Send SMS Service

Post by Lantis »

i believe Obsy has already built this plugin but it isn't included in Gargoyle ... yle-smsbox

you might be able to find it at
however the whole site is in polish :P
BUT, Obsy speaks very good english and should be able to help you out. for the latest releases
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Re: Connected 3g Modem - Send SMS Service

Post by ViBE »

is this still working somehow? if yes how can i install it?

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