hostnames without dhcp?

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hostnames without dhcp?

Post by rockatansky »

version 1.12.0
I use a separate dhcp (and DNS) server to avoid reconfiguring and LAN-outage when I change to new routers and such. I have about 30 persistent nodes to manage on this LAN.
So most hostnames just don't show up and I need to keep a separate reference list open and do manual lookup.

does Gargoyle have a way to manually enter a list of hostname-IP pairs?
One entry at a time would be enough, though I would prefer a text field that allows newline separated pairs so I can just copy and paste a block like: nameA nameB

Also sort of a tangent, it is odd that most node's hostname show as "(unknown)" but there are two that automatically show up. Both are wireless with similar names(wiz_xxxxx), I don't know where they get their addresses as they are outside of my DHCP block. They may be static addresses but I saw the hostnames in my dhcp list a while back and even added them to the reserved addresses(MAC still match). Some sort of IOT junk of a tenant. They don't use much bandwidth, but I want to confine and manage them anyway(Each person's stuff gets a block of addresses with a quota and QOS service class).

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Re: hostnames without dhcp?

Post by Lantis »

You can manually populate
With MAC IP pairs
With IP Hostname pairs

/etc/ethers may not be required.

In 1.15, they would be stored in /etc/dhcp as normal static host entries.
You could then get the data from /tmp/dhcpv4configleases.gargoyle for the latest releases
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