Archer c6 - storage full error

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Re: Archer c6 - storage full error

Post by ondrahnilicka »

It Works!

Buttons are Ok and no "Storage full" message.

But what I did wrong? Could you send me the config file? Or may I use the buildinfo file as the config file to reproduce your build?

Thank you in any case!


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Re: Archer c6 - storage full error

Post by Lantis »

You can use the buildinfo, but you need to expand it by putting it into the ath79-src/ folder as “.config”, then cd into that folder and run “make defconfig”. You can then copy the resulting .config for safe keeping.

I’m 90% sure your issue is python (as per my initial suspicion). I’ve seen it before.
In your build environment try
“which python”
“python -v”

In older ubuntu versions python 2 shipped by default and you needed to install “python-is-python3” to make it the default. You may be experiencing similar? for the latest releases
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