Gargoyle 1.13.x latest version

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Gargoyle 1.13.x latest version

Post by coits »

Hello Everyone,

Just want to ask if there are any new updated version of Gargoyle firmware to this date, please advise.

My linksys wrt3200acm is running Gagoyle firmware version 1.13.x as shown below, it's more than a year old, but seems really stable.
Gargoyle version 1.13.X | OpenWrt 19.07 branch |
| Gargoyle revision 600bef8e| OpenWrt commit cc0b704 |
| Built April 24, 2021 | Target mvebu/default

Thank you all for your hard work.
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Re: Gargoyle 1.13.x latest version

Post by phgerin »

What about 1.15 version ?

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Re: Gargoyle 1.13.x latest version

Post by pythonic »

Ignore the version number and check the dates: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=13927

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