All QoS settings disappeared

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All QoS settings disappeared

Post by P-O »


1. I added a new Service class for my Xbox 360 and Saved changes, everything OK.

2. I added a classification Rule for the Xbox360 IP and choosed "Set Service Class to" "Xbox360"

3. I changed the min BW on the Xbox 360 class.

Something happened in step 2 or 3 and I am not 100% sure if I did point 3 at all but sudenly all services classes were gone except VoiP and no classification rules at all.

Unfortunately I have missed to do a backup so I had to reset to default and add all stuff again including all DHCP assignments.


I repeated step 1 & 2 both up and download. It seems to work:
This means that something probably happend in step 3 or randomly in step 2.

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Re: All QoS settings disappeared

Post by raz »

Common issue, no work arounds. Best bet is to always have a backup before using the config page.

Reference: ... =12&t=2677

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Re: All QoS settings disappeared

Post by Dev_BR »

Happens here too.
I have a suspicion. Maybe it happens when there is more than one page opened in the router HTTP server.
For example, a page in the System and in another Firewall.
While the router saves the settings of QoS, another page accesses (refresh) the same data and corrupts them.

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Re: All QoS settings disappeared

Post by powerlogy »

Before saving option, open a another the qos page.If it fails you can save options from other browser window or tab.Use firefox, chrome fails to save at there too much.

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