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Supported up to 1.6 but no longer? Has support for these devices been discontinued?

I have two of these routers lying around and it'd be good to put them to use. I know they won't perform as well as a modern router, but for home use on sub gigabit networks I'm sure they'll suffice.

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Re: WRT54G / WRT54G-TM

Post by ispyisail »

too old

old versions of gargoyle work, I understand

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Re: WRT54G / WRT54G-TM

Post by pbix »

Due to reports of trouble with these routers I did some testing of my own this week.

I can report that the WRT54G-TM runs all versions of Gargoyle without issue but of course subject to the limitations it has. With this router and without QoS enabled you can expect not more than 20mbps transmission from WAN <-> LAN. Once you enable QoS this number drops to about 7Mbps. With any router its good to keep an eye on your CPU utilization. Once CPU utilization exceeds 1.0 confusing things will begin to happen including apparent crash of your router. The numbers I report above are approximately when you will reach CPU saturation on a 200 Mhz WRT54G-TM router. Especially with QoS on it is important to limit the download bandwidth to not more than 7Mbps with a typical QoS setup.

I did this testing on v1.8.0. The router is stable but I did notice that the Wifi configuration function got broken somewhere along the way. Eric graciously fixed this in the repo so builds after this one should be completely functional. The Broadcom driver also does not support guest Wifi and while this option currently appears anyway on the configuration screen enabling it will cause Wifi to crash, so don't.

Anyway feel free to continue using your WRT54G-TM and any other model of WRT54G family router you have that has at least 32MB of RAM and 8MB flash and is based on a Broadcom chipset. There are only select models that were made that matched these specs and they can be found on this excellent Wiki article here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linksys_WRT54G_series.
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Re: WRT54G / WRT54G-TM

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I can also confirm that i got about 22mb from LAN to WAN with a linksys wrt54gs v4, CPU is about 240 MHz, Ok for an ISDN ADSL 1 2 line been under 24mb/1.3mb, To reach 24Mb on an ADSL2 line is so lucky to be that close to the exchange point :D
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