WDR3600 v1.1 debrick?

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WDR3600 v1.1 debrick?

Post by SynGamer »

I found my old WDR3600 v1.1 in my closet and remembered why it was there...it's bricked. This forum has always been good to me so I'm hoping someone knows how to potentially fix this.

It powers up, but I have no way of accessing portal. I've tried TPLinks, Gargoyles, heck, I even tried DD-WRT even though I haven't run that on this in years.

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Re: WDR3600 v1.1 debrick?

Post by nworbnhoj »

Can you open a terminal and
ssh root@

use password
At the Gargoyle prompt type firstboot and wait until the command finishes
power cycle the router
browse to etc

http://www.gargoyle-router.com/wiki/dok ... e_recovery
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