Successfully flashed a router? Tell Us!

Report problems and success stories with Gargoyle on various hardware platforms.

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Re: Successfully flashed a router? Tell Us!

Post by vplessky »

Flashed TP-Link WR841ND v5 from OpenWrt Backfire 10.03.1-RC3, Gargoyle version 1.3.7

WDS is working. 802.11n connection is working at 300Mbps (tested with Atheros PCI and USB adapters)

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Re: Successfully flashed a router? Tell Us!

Post by Magistr6x9 »

Successfully flashed TP-Link WR741ND ver 1.9 from native tp-link's web environment using
NB. My router have SPANSION FL32PIF flash chip inside, not EON!

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Re: Successfully flashed a router? Tell Us!

Post by nick »

it is working good on my asus wl520gu.

used a file called gargoyle_1.3.9-brcm-2.4-squashfs.trx downloaded from some other website (may have been a blog, i think perhaps that mightyohm radio site)

installed from within dd-wrt web interface, but had to rename from .trx to .bin to get it to accept it.

hope this helps someone

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Re: Successfully flashed a router? Tell Us!

Post by NetNazi »

I just successfully flashed a LinkSys WRT54GS. If had DD-WRT on it when I recieved it and I rushed in and flashed it without reading ALL the installation guide. Well, after 4 hours of "debricking" it came back to life. Woo Hoo! ;-)

Gargoyle is a fantastic bit of software! Very powerful and easy to use. We currently have a household of 5 ( don't ask ... ) in an extended family group of very heavy internet users. I was just sick of using our month's ISP quota weeks before we were due. Every goddam month! Of course, nobody was responsible and I had no way to tell who was major contributor ( although I had my suspicions ).

Well that is no more. The quotas are in place and Gargoyle is on the case. It has already confirmed my suspicion about who the heaviest user is and when she is doing the bulk of the downloading! ;-)

I almost did not give them the admin password on the router, but decided in the spirit of openness that we should be working together to avoid hitting the monthly ISP quota. But no configuration changes will be tolerated.

BTW - Eric. A "status only" user class would be great. That way they could see all the usage data without being tempted to change the config.

Again - great product!

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Re: Successfully flashed a router? Tell Us!

Post by dillyhammer »

Installed gargoyle_1.3.9-ar71xx-tl-wr1043nd-v1-squashfs-sysupgrade on a TP-LINK TL-WR1043ND v-1.7 that was running OpenWRT 10.03 (backfire).

Used the OpenWRT web gui to do the flash. Worked right out of the box, which was really nice.

FWIW, the Gargoyle interface is by far much better than the stock Luci interface used by OpenWRT. Bandwidth usage graphing is orders of magnitude better, which was my main motivation seeing as how we're geting screwed with nasty bandwidth caps here in Canada.

I had problems with the wireless in the OpenWRT firmware, problems that don't exist in the stock firmware. but haven't got to that yet in Gargoyle.

Really nice work folks. My thanks.


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Re: Successfully flashed a router? Tell Us!

Post by Ic7Ice »

Tftp ubiquiti routerstation pro succesfully with gargoyle_1.3.9-ar71xx-ubnt-rspro-squashfs-factory.bin image.

Unfortunately there are no drivers inplemented in the image for the ubiquiti sr71a (ath9k) and ubiquiti xr2 (ath5k) wifi radio's .

Before gargoyle , i was using the ubiquiti contest winner image from NETSHE and precompiled openwrt .
These are verry complete with drivers etc .
though , verry difficult to configure resulting in numero's of new flashes .

I am new to linux and still need to figure out how to get the cards working , also i was not able to find any tutorials or information to do this . (if anyone can help me with that , feel free to pm me :) )

besides that , verry easy to setup and configure vs openwrt !

Keep up the good works !!

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Re: Successfully flashed a router? Tell Us!

Post by bigsexeh »

Type: Netgear WNDR3700 v1
Firmware used: gargoyle_1.3.9-ar71xx-wndr3700-squashfs-factory.img

Updated the firmware from stock through web interface, worked like a charm.

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Re: Successfully flashed a router? Tell Us!

Post by juzis28 »

Device: La Fonera 2200


Method: over serial console, Redbot.

Step-by-step: read here. Image

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Re: Successfully flashed a router? Tell Us!

Post by gargfon »

Device: La Fonera 2200
Device: La Fonera 2201 (La Fonera+)


ethernet Redbot.

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Re: Successfully flashed a router? Tell Us!

Post by mrg666 »

Upgraded TEW652-BRP v1.1 from backfire 10.03.1-rc4 (using the GUI) to Gargoyle 1.3.14 using sysupgrade firmware for DIR615-C1. Working great.

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