Asus RT-N12-D1 firmware installation fail

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Asus RT-N12-D1 firmware installation fail

Post by brettybaby »

I tried the stable realease for the Asus rt-n12 d1 router
It has the broadcom arch in it which I used.

I downloaded the latest stable realease below


Does anyone know if gargoyle can be used on the asus rt-n12 router?

After I installed the router, It failed to send DCHP or SSID broadcasts so I cold not login to change the settings.

I did use DD-WRT on it and it works fine with that. Does gargoyle have the function to turn up the tx antenna power like dd-wrt?

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Re: Asus RT-N12-D1 firmware installation fail

Post by DoesItMatter »

Not supported with Gargoyle yet

Gargoyle is based on OpenWRT

OpenWRT has support for the RT-N12-D1 on the TRUNK version

Trunk is compile-yourself versions - work in progress

Will be a while before Gargoyle supports the RT-N12-D1
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Re: Asus RT-N12-D1 firmware installation fail

Post by joyo »

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