help with TL-WA901nd 2.4 semi bricked

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help with TL-WA901nd 2.4 semi bricked

Post by daniel_lvs »

Hey guys, i flahsed version 1.6 and it worked for few days but now it seems to be half bricked.

i can ping the router via LAN and also connect to SSID, it gives me automatic IP from DHCP, however i can't connect to the router and configure. I did a port scan with disabled firewall, all ports from 1 to 999 are closed. It wont let me access via http or telnet, or shh. But the ping works...

All lights are on, the reset button seems to do nothing, 30/30/30 also does not work. Any suggestions? Thank you

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Re: help with TL-WA901nd 2.4 semi bricked

Post by deepblue2000 »

maybe it will help


turn off the wa901nd, turn it on, press and hold the wps button
on the front, then the wa901nd will boot in safe mode, and u can ssh again.

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