Dynamic DNS Fail!!!!!

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Dynamic DNS Fail!!!!!

Post by skyark »

Hi there.
My first post... And it's a help post.
I got the WDR-4300 wish it's preatty common as i can see.
I install Gargoyle because i got preatty recurrent fail, the 2.4 Ghz band was getting lost and i needed to reboot the router, from the 5 Ghz band or the wired connection or the on/off (unplugg/plugg).
After Read alot of post i find out about this firmware, and it's awesome!!!!
I even reply a email from TP-Link supportsaying that i don't longer need them, i got Gargoyle.

The only thing that i'm confused about it is the acces to the router from outside.
i got a no-ip acount and i cant acces to the router from outside.
I configured everething. But i forward some ports for ftp ssh and the deluged webtorrent port 8112. and i can acces them from outside. But i can´t acces to the router. and Why i want this??
Because i want to use the openvpn, i can acces from inside the net with the ip and it conects but from outside it doesnt do anything.
But if i want to acces the web router interface it doesn do anithing too.
I'm loosing my mind. i Don't want to put the service in other pc inside the net because they are not alwas on.

Help please!!!!!!!!

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Re: Dynamic DNS Fail!!!!!

Post by ericwong »

Check your ports, sounds like you didn't forward the ports you need to access the router from outside.

If you are talking about web access, port 80 may not always work due to ISP restrictions. Try something different from default port.
Eric Wong

PM me if you need to buy Gargoyle router in Australia/NZ, willing to pay me to help you on your Gargoyle configurations or build custom configured ROM with pre-installed app or try to fix your bricked router. Yes, I am looking for job/work.

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Re: Dynamic DNS Fail!!!!!

Post by deepblue2000 »


dynamic dns seems to be working:

Last Update Enabled
03/21 18:25:10

seems to be successfully...

but yesterday I received a notice from no-ip.com that my
host will expire, if I do not log-in and update.

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