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Post by lpks »

Trying to set up wifi hot spots for a cafe. All working on a TPLINK 901v2. OpenWRT and DDWRT both failed, but gargoyle all good. Thanks.

Here's the issue. I cant prevent visitors from accessing the login page. I have a very long strong password but don't feel safe leaving a login available for years ata a time. If I cut web admin, then remote admin is blocked too. Tried using a firewall rule, but it wont block the address.

My current plan is to block both web interfaces once everything is working. I can save a backup and then just reset the wireless units and restore from backup when necessary. It's a hassle, but I think its safe. Is it? Is there another option?

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Re: Security

Post by ericwong »

I think you can simply turn off the web admin http server using SSH.
I don't know what it the command for gargoyle but I know this works for Openwrt.
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Re: Security

Post by homolka »

Connect to the router via ssh

Enter the command:
/etc/init.d/uhttpd stop
/etc/init.d/uhttpd disable

On OpenWRT it works

Or change the web interface port, edit the file /etc/config/uhttpd

# Server configuration
config uhttpd main

# HTTP listen addresses, multiple allowed
list listen_http
# list listen_http [::]:80

# HTTPS listen addresses, multiple allowed
list listen_https
# list listen_https [::]:443

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