wrt150n v1.1 cant enable wireless

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Re: wrt150n v1.1 cant enable wireless

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Yes I did the same. I spent many hours on both this model and even more hours on my wrt350n which was crippled every time I loaded any firmware higher than 1.3.9 as recovering it is a royal pain in the you know what.

It's just so weird I finally got the wireless to appear like its working within the software, but, it doesn't actually transmit any SSID. I think all non-wireless LAN associated functions work fine. I supposed until Erik, or if ever he can find time to mess with this, or provide builds for others to try with an attempted fix, these routers can serve as very good routers on a wired level, and perhaps add an access point to have wireless from a secondary device.

Personally I would love to see Gargoyle working in full on this, but I sold off all my old routers, although funny enough I recently got another wrt350n for free which I plan to mod and mess with.

I even posted in the forum area here with bug reports as DoesItMatter suggested I do but I have yet to see a response from the Gargoyle creator... I really do hope he finds time for this.

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