Zyxel C3000Z (and other Zyxel products)

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Zyxel C3000Z (and other Zyxel products)

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Lantis, et alia:

I would like to know how difficult it might be to get Gargoyle to run on a Zyxel C3000Z (Century Link version of their AC2200)?

I started researching the hardware here and also emailed Zyxel in Taiwan and they sent me a link to their source code (Linux Real Time code), and instructions with some information on compiling and installing a custom build on their product!

They sent me a link that expires tomorrow (02 APR), so if it interests anyone grab the code today I suggest!

The OSC package of C3000Z version CZD005- is ready.

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... sp=sharing

I also found some info here:

Any interest in this?
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Re: Zyxel C3000Z (and other Zyxel products)

Post by Lantis »

Had a look at the FCC submission to find the exact chips used.
It's a Broadcom soc with Broadcom WLAN hardware as well.

Individually, both of those components appear to have minimal support in OpenWrt. The device itself I do not believe has been supported, but enough pieces appear to be in place that it could be possible. Apparently the on board xDSL hardware is not supportable (I expect due to unreleased or close sourced firmware blobs).

So if you can get OpenWrt 19.07 running on it, in theory Gargoyle isn't that hard.
I don't think it's a very worthwhile device for pursuing though due to the double Broadcom recipe (historically terrible support, and often shunned by developers). Stay clear of Broadcom in general, and combination modem/router devices are usually best avoided as well.
http://lantisproject.com/downloads/gargoyle_ispyisail.php for the latest releases
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