4G modem on Gargoyle X86

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4G modem on Gargoyle X86

Post by brass »

Hi. I have just installed Gargoyle x86 on an old atom based motherboard which is working great however I am having trouble with the 4G USB modem side of things. When I boot it with the modem plugged in and go to the connection tab it looks like it has been found and mounted /dev/ttyUSB0 but it doesn't operate. Is this a driver issue? The Modem does work properly on my other gargoyle router.

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Re: 4G modem on Gargoyle X86

Post by bestofrouter »

Hey fellas. I have been using an Archer C7 for some time which has been great, but it's lacking a little oomph for QOS applications. I've been using Gargoyle for two main reasons that I can't find in PFSense:

Quota functionality. I need to be careful with my downloads, as I have 400GB a month (4G LTE), and then after that I get charged quite a lot, so I need my router to cut off my internet access so I can throw in my backup SIM to round out the end of the month if I need to do this (haven't had to so far).

Bandwidth & QOS monitoring. Being able to quickly and easily break down who is using what, and how QOS is being applied to that traffic is great.

The newest version which is currently in RC (here: https://www.gargoyle-router. com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=11798) has an x86-64 version which is pretty promosing since I'll be needing the extra grunt for QOS to be effective.

I've tested it and it boots fine in a Proxmox VM, but wondering if anyone else has a similar setup and has any feedback? Most people on the Gargoyle forums are mostly interested in the router ports.


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Re: 4G modem on Gargoyle X86

Post by ispyisail »

x86 support is limited

From my understanding a lot of drivers are missing.

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