install advice/guide wrt1900acs please

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install advice/guide wrt1900acs please

Post by adrianjt »


Non techie & only doing this (installing router firmware) annually, + not wanting to repeat recent debacle with linksys EA8500/blow $250, searched wrt1900 gargoyle install guide, couldn't find one specifically for wrt1900...

But did find this which I assume is similar...

If there is a specific gargoyle install how to for wrt1900acs please could you post the link?

Appreciate all advice, thanks Adrian

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Re: install advice/guide wrt1900acs please

Post by Lantis »

Theres no Gargoyle specific install guide.
The generic openwrt instructions apply.
The OpenWrt device page is here:

For any advice, follow Openwrt guides/instructions. Ddwrt is a completely different beast. for the latest releases
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Re: install advice/guide wrt1900acs please

Post by RomanHK »

1. First go back to the OEM firmware from Linksys (from DD-Wrt to OpenWrt can be problematic and sometimes brick).

2. Then follow the Linksys firmware update and use this factory.img image: ... actory.img

It will be done only once, *sysupgrade.bin image will be used for further updates.
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