Support for TP-LINK C7R Archer TL-WDR7500

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Support for TP-LINK C7R Archer TL-WDR7500

Post by jayt »

Support for TP-LINK C7R Archer TL-WDR7500

I'm currently located in Shenzhen China so I'm limited to what is available here. I could try to order the C7 v2 from newegg and have it shipped but you never know if something is going to get held. There is a seller on AliExpress that is selling the Chinese version of the C7 Archer v2 but with 6 external antennas,
According to the openwrt table of hardware it uses the QCA9880-BR4A (v2). Same as the C7 Archer v2 but less flash - 8MB vs 16MB and the same amount of RAM - 128MB.
It also states, Barrier Breaker is (Not available officially)

TP-Link TL-WDR7500 v3 Openwrt pre-installed. ... 1.html?s=p

I contacted the seller and asked if he could try to install gargoyle. His response was "we can't login in the boot".

Is there anything I could pass along to him to assist in getting the firmware installed or give him some helpful information.

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Re: Support for TP-LINK C7R Archer TL-WDR7500

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Reset the router to default using the manufacturers procedure then standard install of Gargoyle. ... tall_guide
Can you help someone else get Gargoyle up and running?
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Re: Support for TP-LINK C7R Archer TL-WDR7500

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Anytime you are messing around with routers and flashing
third-party firmware, the #1 thing you need to find out is if
there is Serial port access to the router.

No matter how much you botch it up, 99% of the time you can
recover via serial recovery and re-flash the original firmware.


1) you need to have a factory default firmware image as a backup
2) you need to figure out how to connect via serial

If you can't do 1 & 2, and the router is not well known, you either
wait for more people to play around with it, or shop for a different one.
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