Building Gargoyle for not supported chips

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Building Gargoyle for not supported chips

Post by ericwong »

After spending many many hours building gargoyle since I have found Gargoyle, I finally figured out why it often fails.

The error will be something like some dependency not meet or *weburl*.ko not found.

If you are trying to build Gargoyle for chips not supported in the Gargoyle repository but supported by Openwrt and can't figure out what is wrong, try the steps below.

1) Check what revision gargoyle is using for the gargyole version you have downloaded. The revision number is inside the file.
2) Download the same Openwrt revision and see if you can build it successfully for the same router you are building for. If you can't, you need to figure out why and fix it. Try search the Openwrt tickets and see if someone else have the same problem. If you can, proceed to next step.
3) Test the Openwrt rom on your router and make sure things like WIFI works. If it doesn't, try search the Openwrt tickets and see if someone else have the same problem. If you can, proceed to next step.
4) Use the Make custom command to start building Gargoyle.
5) You will arrive at the Openwrt menuconfig shortly after you issue the command. Select the router you want to build and the gargoyle plugin/modules you require under administration.
6) Save this configuration. (you will need this configuration later)
7) Exit, save and start building.
8) Wait for it to finish building and you will likely find that the router you selected is NOT found in the image folder. That is fine, this part is necessary to make it build successfully.
9) Enter the custom-src folder and issue command make kernel_menuconfig. You will enter the kernel menu configuration and if you into machine selection, you can see the kernel configuration is not building the router you want to build. You will need to select the specific router you are after in the machine selection as well as device drivers -> usb support, then save it when you exit.
10) Issue make command under custom-src folder and build.
11) When it finish, you should see your router's ROM in the bin folder
12) Now copy the configuration file you have saved earlier in step 6 in the custom-src folder and replace the gargoyle/target/custom/config file.
13) Under gargoyle folder, issue make custom command again for a gargoyle rebuild based on the custom-src configuration you have completed in step 9.
13) When build is completed, you should see your router's rom in the image folder :)

Note: I know following the steps above means building the ROM several times and will need a lot of cpu time. I don't know why but this is how I manage to get successful gargoyle rom after many many trial by errors. I hope this helps others who attempt to build rom for themselves, especially for routers not officially "supported" by gargoyle.

Tips: This command is useful under custom-src folder if you have kernel related problems and need to rebuild.

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make target/linux/clean

Maybe gargoyle developers can tell me why I have to build gargoyle a few times to get around the errors and get a successful build? Maybe there is a easier/faster way that I don't know or not posted here?
Eric Wong

PM me if you need to buy Gargoyle router in Australia/NZ, willing to pay me to help you on your Gargoyle configurations or build custom configured ROM with pre-installed app or try to fix your bricked router. Yes, I am looking for job/work.

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